University of Michigan School of Education National Forum

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The National Forum on Higher Education for the Public Good was established in 2000 with an initial grant from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation. It reflected a belief that our colleges and universities-- -and the U.S. system of higher education-- -could do more to contribute to prosperity, progress and civic engagement in our dynamic, democratic society. In the eighteen years that have followed, the National Forum has undertaken many significant projects of research, advocacy and policy development that have addressed this concern. While these efforts have spanned activities that were both local, institutional and national in scope and have brought us to collaborate with a wide range of funders and partners, our mission has been consistent:

Our Mission

The National Forum exists to support higher education’s role as a public good.
In this pursuit, the Forum utilizes research and other tools to create and disseminate
knowledge that addresses higher education issues of public importance.

Overall, the work we do is built on capacities and talents that have evolved as our staff and graduate students have grown and changed. Our relationship with the Center for the Study of Higher and Postsecondary Education and the National Center for Institutional Diversity, indeed with collaborating faculty and students from across the University of Michigan, has influenced both our growth and our approach.