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Central to achieving both purpose and mission, the National Forum relies upon strategic partnerships to support and broaden the impact of our efforts.  

The National Forum seeks to maintain existing relationships, while identifying new and emerging institutions, associations, foundations, and community based organizations that also are focused on building knowledge and stimulating change through education.  

Affiliated with the Center for the Study of Higher and Postsecondary Education (CSHPE) at the University of Michigan, the National Forum includes several highly engaged foundations, institutional entities, and governmental organizations as financial partners in our work.  Additionally, the National Forum teams with national and local associations to provide them support in addressing important issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion and training institutional leaders from across the nation.  

The National Forum recognizes the true impact of our work must assist marginalized communities and provide resources that empower and allow these communities to lead.  Our efforts not only rely upon the support of our many partners, but should rely upon them in order to best accomplish our goals and create real change.